Thomas Miloscia

What would Thomas do?

When we asked ourselves, “What would Thomas do” if he had the opportunity, it was clear he would want to help others who found themselves in a similar situation. Even as Thomas battled a rare and aggressive form of cancer, he was always more concerned about others than himself. We know there will never be another Thomas, but we can do everything in our power to carry on as we believe he would have. We hope to emulate his good character by helping adolescent and young adult cancer patients and providing a living legacy that helps students at his alma mater.

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Significance of Turtles

After Thomas passed, several people who knew him were put in the path of a turtle or turtles. The situations were too coincidental to ignore. We believe the turtles to be a sign from Thomas and his way of connecting with those he loves. For this reason, turtles have a special significance to us.


Cancer Support

In an effort to help those with cancer, we provide grants to patients, support local hospitals and programs, as well as, provide “be a bright spot” gift bags to patients.

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Chaminade Scholarship

Thomas embodied the character, faith and fortitude that’s the model for every Chaminade student, and his school was a source of strength and compassion during his illness.

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Recipient of Grant endorses Thomas Matthew Miloscia Foundation Inc.

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News & Updates

Bright Spot Gift Bags to Stony Brook's Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients

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For young people going through cancer


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Helping the Community

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Bright Spot

– n. informal: a good thing that occurs during a bad or difficult time.

Contributing to Chaminade Scholarship in Memory of Thomas

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“After the very sad and untimely death of a young man, a wonderful group of people has banded together to honor his name and legacy. The idea of helping others who have been affected by cancer has been the focus of this foundation. All funds* raised have been donated to help families in need during their crisis. I am honored to have been asked to join in their efforts for this cause and look forward to continuing the efforts to make a difference.”
Advisory Board Member

*For designated donations, the money is used to fund a scholarship in memory of Thomas.

Our Impact

The Thomas Matthew Miloscia’s two part mission strives to ease the burden borne by cancer to patients and their families, as well as, provide a named scholarship at Chaminade High School in Thomas’ memory. Here’s some of the progress we’ve made so far.


Bright Spot Gift Bags Delivered to AYA Units of Local Hosptials


Donated to the Chaminade High School


Grocery gift cards donated to families in need at Thanksgiving

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Be a bright spot in the cloud of chaos created by cancer

You can be a bright spot

By donating to the Thomas Matthew Miloscia Foundation, you’re acting as a beacon of light and hope for those in need. 100% of your donation will be applied to our two part mission as we are 100% volunteer.